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Social Media & Your Website…

Having social media buttons linked to your website is a key part in promoting your online brand. We have made many sites with social media buttons on the front home page and would highly recommend one of these two key plugins:

Floating Social Media Icon
An easy to use plugin to show social media icons which floats on your browsers right bottom, which links to your social media profiles, You have option in plugin settings to configure social media profile urls and also can select icon style, order and size.
To use this plugin, download and activate it

Menu Social Icons
Menu Social Icons allows you to easily add the icons to your primary navigation bar where you can easily access CSS code to change the colour, size and shape to match your theme.
To use this plugin, download and activate it, then go to your Appearance – Menu page. Under ‘links’ select the icons you want to integrate to your site and add to the chosen menu. You will see them pop up on that menu where you can change the http link to your specific site! Ta-darr! Simple as that.
To change the CSS coding of these icons, watch this video.

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